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Our focus is publishing educational books for school children on subjects and life skills that are essential for African children in particular. Our philosophy is that children need to read books willingly, without having to be persuaded to do so. We believe that books need to be made in such a way that children will not be able to resist the temptation of picking them up and looking at them ...

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      > Discover your career 2 NEW!

      > Discover your career NEW!

     > Our cultures series NEW!

     > Little stories, big lessons: Sea stories NEW!

    > Made in South Africa series NEW!

    > Little stories, big lessons: Farm stories NEW!

    > Great African musicians NEW! 

    > Little stories, big lessons: Bug stories NEW!

    > The Learning African History African Freedom Fighters series

    > The HIV and AIDS what if we do nothing? series

    > Little stories, big lessons: Animal Adventures

    > Kort stories, groot lesse: Diere-avonture

    > ngeeNtsulungeko (isiXhosa Values series)

    > Amagugu (isiZulu Values series)

    > Mekgwa (Sepedi Values series)

    > Makgabane (Sesotho Values series)

    > Boleng (Setswana Values series)

     > Geography of South Africa series

     > Deal with it series

      > Life lessons series 2

      > Lewenslesse reeks 2

     > Awareness Guides

     > What-to-do guides for children

     > Money Matters series

     > Geldsake-reeks

      > World of knowledge - Resource material for school projects (14 volumes)

      > The big 5 and other wild animals series

     > Religions in southern Africa series

      > Move on with maths series

      > Science lab experiments series

      > Leierskap en Karakterwaardes reeks

      > The Leadership and Character Values series

      > The African Cultures of South Africa series

      > The Learning through stories Life lessons series


       > The Learning through stories Life lessons series
> Oshindonga, series 1  > Oshindonga, series 2

        > The Learning through stories Life lessons series  
   > Silozi, series 1  > Silozi, series 2

      > Die reeks Leer deur stories Lewenslesse


> Values series

> Waardes reeks

> Ons land, Suid-Afrika reeks

> About our country South Africa series

> Learning African History Freedom Fighters series 3

> Leer Afrika se geskiedenis Vryheidsvegters

> Popular Sports and Great African Sports Stars series

> Life Orientation Library - Empowering Teen Girls series

> Life Orientation Library - Understanding Relationships series

REVIEW: "This resource is suitable for Grade 6 learners. Very user friendly. Learners will find it very informative." [Northern Cape Department of Education]

> Life Skills Education Library - Growing Up series

REVIEW: "These worksheets are very valuable, with colourful maps and illustrations, that educators as well as learners will find of great help. These worksheets could be used across the phases." [Northern Cape Department of Education]

> Learn about South Africa series

REVIEW: "A wonderful resource book that teaches learners about what is happening inside their bodies. Health issues are discussed and advice is offered as to how to stay in shape. This set will be valuable in the classroom as well as at home. Everything is explained in detail. Material very colourful. Pictures add visual flair to the text. Material very user-friendly." [Northern Cape Department of Education]

> My Healthy Body series

REVIEW: "This set is a must for supporting learners in making an informed career choice. The set introduces the learners to different jobs. A glossary is provided that will enhance the learners vocabulary. Different assessment strategies can easily be implemented by teachers. The binding of all the books are durable and strong. Pictures add visual flair and support teaching and learning." [Northern Cape Department of Education]

> Choosing a career - Careers without a university degree

REVIEW: "A set of interesting books which will support learners in Lifeskills or Life Orientation lessons. These resources give a clear understanding about diseases, what they are, their causes signs, symptoms and treatment. The reader is also informed as to what food to eat so as to boost the immune system. Books are beautiful and attractive. A glossary is provided for learners. Words are clearly explained." [Northern Cape Department of Education]

> Learning about Health - Diseases

REVIEW: "A very useful resource set for both teachers and learners within the intermediate and senior phase. Content is relevant and interesting. Books are very colourful and appealing. Artwork add interest to the material and compliments the text. Material very user-friendly. Glossary and index included will be of great help to users." [Northern Cape Department of Education]

> Great African Artists series

REVIEW: "A good resource that covers arts & crafts. The background of each art or craft is given, and how it can be used. The pack provides in depth information that is very important to the teachers who do not have the background knowledge of arts and culture. Can be of use for assessment purposes." [Northern Cape Department of Education]

> Our Heritage - African Arts and Crafts

REVIEW: "A useful resource for both home and school. These books deals with safety. It prepares the learners on how to react when confronted with danger. Real life situations are used. Materials are colourful and appealing to the learner. The artwork compliments the text. Material is user-friendly, durable and sustainable." [Northern Cape Department of Education]

> Life Skills Education Library - Staying Safe series

REVIEW: "Learners will gain knowledge of how to deal with issues that cause conflict from within. Teachers will be guided through dealing with learners who experience conflict. Layout is user-friendly and pictures are adding to visual flair of the books. Font clear and easy to read." [Northern Cape Department of Education]

> Life Skills Education Library - Conflict Resolution series

REVIEW: "This resource pack will enhance the values and self-esteem of the learners. This will build positive attitudes of learners towards their work, themselves and others. They will understand who they are and how they have to behave in different situations. The language used will develop their language ability in terms of concepts used. This pack of books is durable. Books are colourful and will appeal to the learners. The font is clear and easy to read." [Northern Cape Department of Education]

> Life Skills Education Library - Character Education series

REVIEW: "These books will help learners on how to deal with different situations in real life. This pack deals with different topics. It teaches the learner valuable coping skills. Books are strong and durable. Language is simple and clear and is easy to understand. Layout is user-friendly." [Northern Cape Department of Education]

> Life Skills Education Library - Talking About series

REVIEW: "This series had been written in straightforward English. It is easy to read and understand. This series will assist learners in projects and research. Information is very educational & informative." [Northern Cape Department of Education]

> Learning African History - Freedom Fighters series 2

REVIEW: "This series had been written in straightforward English. It is easy to read and understand. This series will assist learners in projects and research. Information is very educational & informative." [Northern Cape Department of Education]

> Learning African History - Freedom Fighters series

> Learning African History - Freedom Fighters series Teacher's Guide

REVIEW: "This material meets all policy requirements. Content is relevant, for learners in the senior phase, and based on new recent information. Concepts had been simplified and in most cases a glossary can be found at the back of the books. Series make provision for diversity. Appropriate values are addressed. All aspects relate to HIV/AIDS. Layout is user friendly. Great design." [Northern Cape Department of Education]

> Africa AIDS Education series for Secondary Schools  

> Secondary Schools Teacher's Resource Pack

REVIEW: "The content is relevant and inline with the NCS. It reflects the need of the community and the country by informing and making learners aware of the effects of HIV/AIDS. Material is of good quality, colourful and easy to use. Layout of book very user friendly." [Northern Cape Department of Education]

> Africa AIDS Education series 

> Africa AIDS Education series Educator's Guide


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