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Geography of South Africa series
Set of 6 books 45-57pp
[Series ISBN 978-1-77008-588-6]

| Mountains | Rivers | The coast | Weather and climate | Natural vegetation and farming |
| Where people live |

A series of 6 books about South Africa’s physical and human geography. Each book has colourful maps and looks at environmental and conservation issues. The books support and extend the Intermediate and Senior Phases of the school curriculum.



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ISBN 978-1-77008-589-3

This book is about the mountains of South Africa. It explains how different mountains in the country formed, their more recent history and how people make use of them today. The book also answers questions about conditions in the higher mountains, and explores the influence of mountains on climate.

By Ruth Versfeld

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  • Mountains on a map

  • What is a mountain?

  • How old are mountains?

  • How do mountains form?

  • How volcanic mountains form

  • Mountain ranges formed by layers of lava

  • Fold mountains

  • Why is it difficult to breathe in high places?

  • Why do some mountains have snow on top?

  • How do mountains help to create rain?

  • Table Mountain – a wonder of the world

  • The uKhahlamba-Drakensberg – barrier of spears

  • The Waterberg – an ancient and wild place

  • The Cape fold mountains – finding routes and making passes

  • The Pilanesberg – the volcano that became a game reserve

  • Cattle herding in the mountains

  • Forests and other resources

  • Things to do in the mountains

  • Game viewing and other tourist activities

  • Mountains under threat

  • Mining the Soutpansberg

  • Mountains and the future

  • Glossary

  • Index


ISBN 978-1-77008-590-9

This book is about the rivers of South Africa. The book describes how rivers behave, how people use water from rivers, and effects that people and rivers have on one another. It includes case studies of selected rivers and waterfalls.

By Ruth Versfeld

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  • Rivers on a map

  • Where do rivers begin?

  • Where do rivers end?

  • Why don’t all rivers end in the sea?

  • Floods

  • Farming near rivers

  • Rivers for irrigation

  • Dams big and small

  • The power of a river – the Blyde River Canyon

  • The highest waterfall in Africa – Thukela Falls

  • The Gariep-Orange – South Africa’s longest river

  • The Augrabies Falls – a place to visit

  • The Limpopo River – one river, four countries

  • The Mgeni – a river’s journey from source to mouth

  • Living near rivers

  • Things to do and rules to keep

  • A disease called bilharzia

  • Rivers and pollution

  • Alien vegetation

  • Rivers and the future

  • Glossary

  • Index

The coast

ISBN 978-1-77008-591-6

This book is about South Africa’s coast. It talks about how the coast is formed, and specific places along the coast. It also looks at the things that can damage the coast, and ways of protecting it.

By Peter Ranby

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  • South Africa’s coast

  • Living on the coast

  • The work of the sea

  • The Hole in the Wall

  • Storm damage

  • Beaches and sand dunes

  • Jeffreys Bay

  • Cape Point

  • Lighthouses along South Africa’s coast

  • Holidays at the coast

  • Islands

  • Algoa Bay and Port Elizabeth

  • Durban and the KwaZulu-Natal coast

  • Mining the sand

  • Gansbaai – the great white shark capital of the world

  • Mangroves

  • Pollution along the coast

  • Protecting the coast from damage

  • iSimangaliso Wetland Park

  • Signs along the coast

  • Glossary

  • Index

Weather and climate

ISBN 978-1-77008-592-3

This book explains the different elements of the weather, weather forecasting and ways of recording the weather. It looks at the different climate regions of South Africa. The book also explores extreme weather conditions such as drought and floods, as well as climate change.

By Ruth Versfeld

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  • Climate regions of South Africa

  • What is the difference between weather and climate?

  • What is weather?

  • Cold, hot and humid

  • Higher and colder

  • Clouds

  • Rain, hail and snow

  • Wind

  • Thunderstorms

  • Lightning and thunder

  • The weather forecast

  • Recording the weather

  • Rainfall in South Africa

  • Floods

  • Drought

  • Climate regions: A closer look

  • Climate regions: The Lowveld

  • Climate regions: The Highveld

  • Climate regions: The East Coast

  • Climate regions: The South Coast

  • Climate regions: The South West Cape

  • Climate regions: The Nama-Karoo and desert

  • Is our climate changing?

  • What can we do?

  • Glossary

  • Index

Natural vegetation and farming

ISBN 978-1-77008-593-0

This book explores the link between climate, what grows wild in an area, and the crops and animals that farmers keep. The book looks at ways that plants and animals, both wild and farmed, adapt to their environment in each of the six main natural vegetation regions of South Africa.

By Ruth Versfeld

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  • Vegetation regions

  • Kinds of vegetation – natural, planted and alien

  • Climate and vegetation

  • Natural vegetation and farming

  • Tropical fruit farming

  • Savannah – natural vegetation

  • Animals of the savannah

  • Grasslands under threat

  • Growing maize in the grasslands region

  • Keeping cattle in the grasslands

  • Coastal forests

  • Planted forests

  • Plants of the desert and semi-desert

  • Farming in dry places

  • Nama-Karoo

  • Sheep farming in the Nama-Karoo

  • Ostriches

  • Fynbos

  • Deciduous fruit farming in the fynbos region

  • Natural resources and conservation

  • Glossary

  • Index

Where people live

ISBN 978-1-77008-594-7

This book is about the different places in which people live in South Africa, from farms and villages to towns and cities. Specific examples are presented as case studies. The book also describes how laws of the past continue to affect where people live today.

By Ruth Versfeld

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  • A map of South Africa

  • Places where people live

  • Living on subsistence farms

  • Living on commercial farms

  • Life in a village

  • A visit to a town called Clanwilliam

  • Cities of South Africa

  • Soweto – a township that grew into a city

  • Suburbs, townships, informal settlements

  • Durban – South Africa’s biggest port

  • A map of South Africa’s population

  • Why people live where they do

  • Laws and the land

  • Moving between home and work

  • Moving to towns and cities

  • The future

  • Glossary

  • Index

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